Wednesday, July 09, 2008

You’re Welcome: “A Silly Question”

I have decided to start an occasional series of advice columns for western ex-pats living or potentially moving to South Korea.

The title of this series comes from me saying, “Your Welcome” in advance of you saying “thank you” in advance of me giving advice in advance of you asking for it.  Let me put it this way:  I’m so confident that you’ll thank me for the advice, that I’m going to say you’re welcome right now.

The first question comes from “Wet and Bothered.”

Dear An American in Geoje,

I was frantically searching for information about my Tromm washer when I came across your blog. I've been in South Korea for about 3 weeks and haven't had one load of laundry that wasn't completely wet at the end of my wash cycle! We have the same exact washer! (Thanks for putting a picture of it up!) Would you help me out and give me an idea of which buttons do what? The Korean teachers at my school haven't been any help and I'm anxious to experience the excitement of baking my clothes dry!

Thanks in advance,

Wet and Bothered

Well, Wet and Bothered, wet clothes certainly are a problem.  I’m glad that you enjoyed my post on the Tromm DD Inverter.  The red button inserts the heating option into the washing cycle.  Push it until it adds the appropriate amount of time to dry your clothes.

The number options on the left are for the size of the load if I remember correctly.

Then, I usually left everything else the same.  Although, I’d occasionally use the temperature button (the one with the 95, 60, 40 degree options).  I’d sometimes wash my whites on hot if they were getting a little dingy (think pit sweat in the summer).  The last words on the temperature setting mean “cold,” which is where I usually left it.

Remember, when drying, I’d stay away from anything that wrinkles, and anything with synthetic fibers—I affectionately called the machine a clothes oven.  I hope that helps.

As for the rest, I can’t really remember---its been almost a year since I’ve used it.


Your Welcome,

An American in Geoje

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