Thursday, July 10, 2008

You're Welcome: How's the Weather?

Dear American in Geoje,

I have no idea what the weather is going to be like day to day.  I ask the Korean women I work with, "Should I bring an umbrella tomorrow?"  They always say,"Yes."  They say this even if its a nice day!  I'm so confused.  The English sites I've found only have information for the big cities.  Where do I go for weather information for Korea?

Thanks in advance,

Always Dry

I've been there.  About the umbrella thing: Korean women often use umbrellas to keep the sun off their faces.  This keeps them looking as white as possible.

As for the weather information, go to Naver.  If you go to you'll be greeted with a map.  This will give you an overview for each province.  Click on the province to go to the city level.  On the next page there will be a list entirely in Korean of cities within that province, select yours.

If you can't read Korean, then learn to read Korean!  If that's not an option, then get a Korean to help you, or match up the name of your city from your Certificate of Alien Registration card with the name from the list.

For those living in Geoje, here's your ready-made link.

Then, when you find your city, look at the dates for each city.  One forecast day might say: 7월10일.  The "7월" means "7th month" (AKA July).  Then "10일" means "10th day."  So, the forecast is for July 10th.

For those Americans out there, who can't read Celsius, here's a little trick:  go to the Google search bar in your browser (in the upper right corner), or to the Google homepage.  Type in **C in F.  For example, to convert 24 Celsius into Fahrenheit, type in "24C in F".  Then Google spits out the answer:  75.2 degrees Fahrenheit

You're welcome

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