Monday, June 30, 2008

These people know Alaska

I' actually pulled this old Capri-Sun container aside a long time ago with a blog post in mind and I’m just getting to it.

This is for a ice tea product called Alaska Ice Tea.  That caught my attention since I had never heard of this flavor when I was America—granted I haven’t had a Capri-Sun in about 10 years, but still.

Then, I looked at the art on the cover.  Pretty interesting.  I can spot two very big issued.  This is a game.  Find the two mistakes.

Alaka Ice Tea 

The first mistake I noticed was the penguins.  There are no penguins in Alaska!  The live on the other side of the world at Antarctica.

The second was the peaches.  What are peaches doing in an Alaska Ice Tea?  Most of the peaches in the world are grown in Florida, Georgia, and South Carolina—the three states furthest from Alaska!

If you read the label at the bottom, the issue becomes clear.  This is being produced by a Korean company under licence from a Swiss company.

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