Thursday, July 12, 2007

200th Post

I've been crawling toward this milestone for a couple months now. I'm 10 1/2 months into my time in Korea, and I've come to my 200th post. It comes on my last day of school before the summer recess. Above is a map of all of my visitors since August as counted by Google Analytics.

In the previous 199 blog posts, I discussed having:
I also wrote in the following blog series:
I'll be blogging through the summer and into September. In late September I'll be launching Wellbeing Joshua, a site to bring together this personal blog, with a Konglish-a-day blog to help native English speakers learn quirky Korean-style English.


  1. Hi! I was planning to visit Geoje and happened to find your blog. Pretty interesting life there I guess. And could you please tell me exactly how to get to Geoje from Seoul? Any must-visit places if I may ask?

  2. From Seoul, there are regular buses from the Nambu bus terminal. The main terminal here is Gohyeon, although there are buses that go all the way to Jangseongpo on the southeast side of the island. The main resource that Geoje has is the coast and the mountains. Much of the island is surrounded by rugged, rocky coasts. There are also several developed beaches that are great for enjoying the sun and the waves. Hageumgang is a well-known site--great view. Hope that helps.

  3. Thanks! And I look forward to your konglish lessons:)


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