Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Life imitates art, really funny art

Today was my first day back at one of my "commuter" schools. The school's PE teacher picks me up every Tuesday a few blocks from my home. Well, today a man driving by stops his car and motions for me to get inside. I ignore him, but he gets out and waves me to his car. I simple ask, "Jisepo?"

"Yeah, yeah," he said. So I got in the car, though I can't remember if I've ever met him before. It is not uncommon for people to know me here but I have never met them. Simply put: I stand out. So I'm in the car, but realize we are going the wrong way!

I ask again, "Jisepo?" He he says, "Yeah. Today, I am school bus driver."

I was a little confused since my handlers (the PE teacher and my coteacher in this case) didn't call to tell me someone else would take me. However, it wouldn't be the first time one of my handlers has neglected to inform me of a change.

Finally, we get to Seong Po--the wrong school! I am very frustrated at this point. I say, "NO Seong Po. Today, I go to Jisepo!" The man says, "Ah!" and finally turns around to take me where he left me. By then, the man who is supposed to give me a ride is there and waiting and gives me a call. After several minutes of frustration, I recall one of my favorite episodes from one of the best shows ever made.

The show is Arrested Development and the episode in particular is called "Charity Drive." Michael is driving and sees a woman who he thinks is his mother's housekeeper (she wasn't) and offers to drive her home. She gets in the car. Then, a few detours later, some spilled red nail polish being mistaken for blood, finds the woman running for her life and Michael being arrested for abducting the woman.

I am that poor Spanish-only housekeeper getting picked up in a case of mistaken identity. I still have no idea who that guy is.

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