Sunday, April 29, 2007

A New Life Form?

Short story:
This is growing in a tub of yogurt in my fridge. The yogurt has been in there for one month. This was plain yogurt, but the new life form growing in this yogurt has introduced swirls of red and yellow.
Here's another view, this one of the lid. Notice the green mold spot, surrounded by the yellow new life. Is this a symbiotic relationship? Is this new yellow life form dependent upon the common green food mold for survival?

Long story:
A family befriended me when I arrived in Geoje. I help them out in English, and they feed me once a week. Good deal. Sometimes, she even sends me home with food. She's been my hookup for the best homemade kimchi. She also likes to share with me the fruit of this crazy yogurt maker. Yes, yogurt maker.

Yogurt has always been to me one of those strange food products that I didn't want to know about its creation. To make yogurt, you apparently add a culture (in this case a small bottle of plain drinkable yogurt) to milk. The machine applies a low heat over the course of a day or so. Then, the bacteria in the yogurt turn all of the milk into yogurt.

Usually, this plain yogurt is good on fruit or cereal. However, this batch didn't turn out right and was too sour. Well, instead of throwing it away, I just put it away in my fridge--and forgot about it. A month later, I found it in the above condition.

I don't know what to call this new yellow life form. But in the meantime, fear not. I've put my new pet back in the fridge so it can continue to thrive. Any universities that want to study my new life form may contact me at joshua' I expect a finder's fee, or whatever those people who discover new species get for a reward.

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  1. here's what i'm thinking: you simply discovered how the yogurt companies make fruity colored yogurt with bright swirls. that is lemon and orange disgusting.


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