Thursday, July 12, 2007

Meerkat Manor Lesson Plan

As the semester neared the end, I tried hard to keep my students attention. I brought in one of favorite shows, Meerkat Manor. This might be useful for you ESL teachers out there with summer camps to teach, or those last-week classes.

Meerkats are amazing creatures and very interesting. I can't believe how complex their social behavior is. Meerkat Manor is a fun show, and also very educational.

I put together a mini-unit on Meerkats, and wanted to share the first lesson in the series. Let me know if you find the information useful in your classroom.

  • Copy of Meerkat Manor "A Family Affair" Season 1, Episode 1 (this is available on DVD, or on file-sharing networks.)
  • Flash presentation about Meerkats (I created)
  • You also might want a map of the Meerkat territories (Optional)
  • Worksheet on Meerkats (I created, featuring a picture from Enchanted Learning)

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