Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Good news?

I have learned to be so very flexible since being in Korea. I have learned where to stand and wait for a handler to pick me up, to take the heat for my handler's mistakes, and what happens when I mistake a complete stranger for one of my handlers. This especially means being prepared for last-minute changes to schedule, procedure, and plans.

Today, is my day at one of my smaller schools. I teach the school's 3rd year (9th grade) students. I have probably bonded the most with these students. Some of them text-message me (I'm still not certain how they got my number), they are always excited to see me, and they are excited to learn English. Even the lowest student in the class has tried hard and improved much over the past five months.

Today, I was told, "I have some good news. The new students will come and take a placement test. So, the afternoon classes for third graders are canceled."

It wasn't good news. These twenty kids are my favorite kids that I teach or have taught in Korea--and by my figuring, I've taught about 500 students here. I wasn't going to spend the last class with them, or give them some inspirational send-off before they graduate on Wednesday.

This test had to have been planned at least a couple weeks in advance to coordinate with the elementary schools that feed into this middle school. However, I was told about it just an hour before the start of school.

Its a good thing I loaded my Vision:M with a couple episodes of Deadwood. It looks like I'll have a couple extra hours at school on my hands.

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