Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Piss Team

My last class with my students before the end of the year, fell on Valentine's Day. So, I did a game where I taught them so Valentine's Day words (romantic, love, kiss, hug, Cupid) and then they had to play an Outburst/charades hybrid game.

Before, my games, I ask the students for a team name. The first team chose "Dirty." Okay, whatever. Then, the next team said, "Team Piss." I got a confused look on my face. What? "Team Piss."

I turned to my co-teacher to see if she understood. She had no weird look on her face. "Team Peace," she said.

For what may be the first time in history, a Korean has used a short "i" sound in a wrong place. The short "i" (big, twig, jig) doesn't exist in Korean. So, short "i" sounds are often pronounced "ee" (beeg, tweeg, jeeg). In this case, the student took long ee sound (tree, peace, neice) inverted it with the short i. So, peace became piss.

I had a fun time explaining the difference between those two words.

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