Saturday, February 10, 2007

My Taiwan Playlist...

I have plenty of things talk about from my trip to Taiwan. One thing I thought I'd share is my playlist from my trip.

For Christmas, I got a Creative Zen Vision:M. I really like it. One feature I love is the fact that is supports subscription music services. So, for $15/month I can download as much music as I can fit on my player without buying the tracks. I'm essentially "renting" my music. New bands and albums I really like, I can download for less than $9.

I had used Real Rhapsody since I came to Korea. It was one of the few music services that didn't block international use. It worked pretty well. However, I've always had problems with the software. Its awkward and takes up a huge amount of memory. Then, when I upgraded to Vista, a huge number of bugs popped up. I found out that Rhapsody doesn't support Vista. What? They've had well over a year of very solid beta versions to work out these problems--and at least three months of the full version of Vista. So, I dropped them, and switched to Yahoo! Unlimited. Same price, and their software doesn't freak out on Vista.

So, the playlist (albums are listed because I almost always listen to songs as part of the whole album):

Interpol--Turn on the Bright Lights
Sufjan Stevens--Illinois, Avalanche
Rufus Wainwright--Want One
The Shins--Phantom Limb
Supertramp--American Breakfast
Arcade Fire--Funeral
Ben Kweller--Ben Kweller

If you use Yahoo! Music Unlimited click here to listen to the playlist.

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