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You’re Welcome: Going to the Movies [Updated 10/3/08]

Dear American in Geoje:
I’m living in Geoje, without a car, and there’s nothing to do.  I do like to watch movies.  I’m sure there're Korean sites that say the show times, but I can’t read Koran !  I don’t know how to find what are playing until I show up.  Is there a way I can use the interwebs to get my answer?
Thanks in advanced,
Illiterate North American
Well, Illiterate American, don’t be ashamed of your illiteracy.  Plenty of English teachers living in Korea can’t read their host country’s language.  So, I have some suggestions to help you get the answers you need.
First, learn how to read!  The Korean alphabet is designed to be so easy, even women can learn how to read it!  And before you get on to me for being sexist, it was Korean’s themselves who nicknamed their alphabet “women’s script.”  Here’s an introductory video:

But, if you’re thinking of bailing on your contract, and don’t want to take the time to learn a new alphabet, then here’s the easy way.

1.  Visit either CGV's or Lotte's websites for the latest showtimes

A.  Go to the original version of the Lotte Cinema website
This link is specific for Geoje.  Once you are at the site, select and copy the name of the movie.  Then, go to  There, paste the name of the movie into the search engine and press enter. 
It should show a movie poster and trailer for the movie.  That way you an see what movies are showing.  See the example below for Hancock.  naver-movie2
B. Visit CGV's website (your welcome for the video I made)

The CGV website is entirely in flash, which means cutting and pasting the names of the movies in Naver isn't possible.  However, CGV does have links to the film trailers if you click on the titles.

3.  Go to the theater
Here’s a map.  This is in Gohyeon of course.  Note the Homeplus building in the left of the map.  Then, the bus terminal in the right of the map.  Parking is on the street (where you can find it), or in the garages at the theaters.  Make sure to get your parking ticket stamped at the box office or you'll have to pay for parking.  Click the map for a larger view.
4.  Buy your ticket
Make sure to grab a number from the machine.  CGV's lobby is on the sixth floor all the way in the back now, ignore the old, empty box office in front.  At Lotte, their lobby is on the third floor.  When your number’s called, say the name of the movie in English.  If they don’t understand (some movie titles in Korean are different), then point to the movie poster.

Then, they’ll want to know how many people (fingers work nice for this if they don’t speak Korean.)  Then, they will want to know where you want to sit.  Chose a seat area from the monitor.  At Lotte, my preferred theater, my favorite seat is D8.

5.  You’re Welcome

Special Note:  Movies are NOT dubbed over for the most part.  If they are, then next to the title it will say “더빙”.  The exception to this rule are cartoons.  Cartoons are usually dubbed, but sometimes come in both dubbed and subtitled flavors (playing on separate screens).  Its usually the bigger budget American ones like Kung Fu Panda, Ratatouille, and Wall-E that will come in both versions.
This means dubbed:더빙 (dubbing)
This means subtitled:  자막 (jah-mahk)
If you are unsure, then ask with those above words.  It would be silly to spend your money and not understand a word of the movie.

Oh and you’re welcome.


  1. Thanks for your help =)
    Managed to get to Lotte and watch Avatar in the cinemas there. Great movie!

    Now I want to invite my family out to see it, but I want to see it in 3D.

    Would you know if Lotte or CGV shows movies in 3D here in Geoje?


  2. I don't know. Neither of the ones in Goeje did when I left. The company that is doing most of the new installations, RealD doesn't have Geoje on their map, but they also don't have my hometown and my hometown just got three 3d projectors just for this movie. It looks like the Lotte Cinema in Busan--the one by the lotte hotel does have 3d there though.

    Enjoy :)

  3. Quick reply, thanks! =)
    I'll go and ask over at CGV. Or, try and ask :P
    I'm impressed by how little english the Koreans know..

    Hope you had a great christmas!

  4. Just used your handy dandy map to get to HomePlus! You're such a giver! Thanks!!

  5. Just used your map to get to HomePlus! You're such a giver!! Thanks!


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