Friday, April 18, 2008

Let there be light

Twenty days after my bathroom light went dark and I discovered that it had melted a hole in the ceiling, it has finally been sick.  It took eight phone calls, three visits from my landlord to assess the damage, and cost me a picture frame.

Oh, I don't think I told the story about the picture frame.  Well, the landlady broke my pride and joy (pictured below) during one of those botched attempts to fix my light.  I was out and instead of calling my boss or something, they took it!

She told my boss that it was an accident, but I have a sneaking suspicion she was just jealous.  The next morning, I found the shattered picture frame sitting on my porch.  I took the cool image inside, rolled it up, and hid it in my apartment so they could do it no more harm.

So the repair guy woke me up at 8:00am, brought a drill into the bathroom, and closed the door behind him.  He emerged a few minutes after removing the fixture from the wires dangling from the ceiling.  He returned with a light bulb, some silicone caulk and a few screws.

He was able to get the thing to stay temporarily up with some screws, but couldn't find a good anchor point for the screws since the light had melted the ceiling!  Yes, instead of replacing the panel with the big hole, they just glued the fixture over it.





At least it looks like its as good as new.  The one thing that made sense is that they replaced the bulb with a compact fluorescent so it won't get hot and melt a new hole.

I've very happy.  The only thing is that I've gotten so accustomed to doing my business in the dark, I now have to squint when I go in.

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