Thursday, January 10, 2008

Grab Bag

I'm in a bit of a random mood, so a random blog entry.

Number of prescription pills I'm taking daily to fight my two week-old throat infection:



My best line of the line of the night (shamelessly tooting my own horn): 

"Since there are three of us, should we order three shabus, or just shabu shabu."


Wait a second, I think you're insulting me...

Today my kindergardeners all said goodbye to me in silly ways.

Nadia: (a cute little smile and a wave)

Yuna: Goodbye watermelon!

Caroline: Goodbye banana!

Adam: Goodbye dong-ku-meong!


Items I bought at the temporary fair in Gohyeon's free public parking lot for W1,000 ($1)

A package of Sharpies of various colors.  (below)


A shoehorn  (below)


A glorious, magic pyramid filled with a golden pig gold dust, gold beads, and gold coins.  (below)



Items I passed on also W1,000:

  • the bin of porn DVDs
  • polished rocks each the size of a fist and mounted on a wooden stand
  • a box of three handkerchiefs labeled "Fashion"


My Pride, My Joy:

During my lunch break a couple days ago, I came to a group of construction workers who were crowded around some things that had been set on the curb for garbage pickup.  They seemed especially excited about this wall hanging.  However, they were on their lunch break and I'm sure didn't have an easy way to tote it around for the rest of the day.  But I was just a block from home, so I picked it up.


One word: phenomenal.


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  1. do you know wat it is? might not be good picking up things u dont know about. haha. seems to be a religious kind of thing like , if u r a christain u better throw it away, haha. just a warning to u.


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