Sunday, August 26, 2007

To Korea on our 1 year annivesary

My dear Korea,

I love you, but I think we need our space. This isn't a breakup, just a "break."

We've had our good times and our bad. I think we've both changed over the past year and now is a good time to spend some time apart to reflect. Lets face it, we've been around each other nearly 24/7 for almost the entire past year.

You know I'm not ready for a permanent arrangement--that was never part of the deal. Nevertheless, when I spent some time with Taiwan and Japan you became jealous (especially Japan). Don't you remember how much I missed you though?

You have to admit that there is a big communication problem. I've been trying to learn your language, and been trying to teach you mine, but lets face it, we often don't understand each other.

I was talking with Moon, yes the one to whom I've been elicitly teaching English. She asked why I wanted to leave you. I was shocked. Call me a mama's boy, but I long for my motherland. America (Migook) is far away and I long to be back.

I prepared a short list of the things I miss:
  • relative anonymity
  • speaking English however damn fast I want to speak it
  • the Dollar
  • seeing proper English on signs
  • English newspapers
  • trips to Wal-Mart at 2 in the morning
  • sidewalks not covered with women selling fish and lettuce
  • people that I look up to (literally not necessarily figuratively)
  • Mexican food (and Taco Bell too)
  • rednecks
  • not being giggled at when I walk into a store
  • kids not coming up to touch my arms because their hairy
  • personal space
  • not being bumped into and pushed around
  • other bearded men
Let's face it, there are things that you can't offer me. Give me a month to gather my thoughts and clear my head. I'll be back, I promise. Please understand.



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  1. well said my blogging friend, well said. i've not thought yet about what i will write in my last post from korea, but i hope it is as good as yours. safe travels. keep writing (?) and it was nice to meet you that one time in changwon... best of luck to you.


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