Monday, August 20, 2007


Last summer, during my first few forays into the Korean airwaves, I was greeted with a very annoying Sunkist commercial. The commercial featured two Korean pop stars dueling for the affections of the same girl. The guys are part of K-pop duo Fly to the Sky. The first guy is Hwangee and the dark-haired guy is American-born Korean pop star Brian Joo. Oh, and Brian, if you do read this, you should know better. Why do you add that extra syllable on the end of "lemonade?"

This summer's version of the ad campaign stars Heechul and Kangin in what must be the the biggest boyband of all time (size not necessarily popularity). The guys are with Super Junior, a Korean pop group that has 13 members! (For those of you counting, Canadian supergroup Broken Social Scene has 19 members, but keep in mind they write their own songs and play their own instruments.) Anyway, here are the two commercials. They're exponentially more annoying than the one from last year. (BTW the "CF" in the title is Konglish for "commercial film" AKA commercial).

I'm dreading what Sunkist comes up with next year.

A fellow English Teacher-Blogger wrote a post about the same ad campaign

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