Monday, August 13, 2007

Climbing Mt. Fuji: Slipping into Sleep

-Strange Pilgrims
-Lights Above
-Into Sleep
-The Summit
-The Descent
In many cultures there are spiritual stories associated with the climbing of mountains. Moses on Mt. Sinai and the Eastern traditions of mountain-top gurus are just a couple examples. Leaving the discussion about the validity of those particular experiences alone, I have to say that I can understand how such spiritual experiences would be possible.

As I made my ascent--alone after my mom and brother went back down--I became acutely aware of my my body and spirit. My prayers on that mountain seemed to have an unusual clarity--and so did my dreams.

As I mentioned before, my ascent included stops at those huts, and sometimes just on a large rock along the trail for naps. I would sit, and fall asleep fast and hard. It was something out of my control. These short naps were filled with dreams that seemed to last much longer than the sleep they inhabited.

Below are some bits and pieces of some of my dreams. I'm not claiming anything spiritually enlightening or anything at all like that. Its just interesting what my brain came up with during lack of oxygen, lack of sleep, and the strenuous climb.

The Postal Service
The clearest dream I can remember involves me and music. If I am not listening to music, I'm often humming or whistling my own little tune. During one of my dreams, I was sitting on my bed just listening to music--much as I did back in junior high and high school when I'd get a new CD. I was thoroughly enjoying the music when I thought, "Wait what band is this." I remember consciously thinking that it sounded like the Postal Service, but the songs weren't from any of their published CDs. I was listening to a new Postal Service CD!

When I got back down the mountain, I looked it up, and indeed there is a new album on the way. I wonder if it will sound anything like the album I had in my dream.

Below is a picture I took on Fuji on the clouds below.

My Father
I had a less vivid dream while on the Mountain, this one about my father. I can't remember many of the details, but he was on the Mountain with me. And we weren't just climbing, but we were on some sort of journey with a purpose and destination.

My Brother
My youngest brother and I are a lot alike in many ways. This can lead to some conflicts when we are together. We argue quite a bit, although never about serious things, and we don't hold grudges. However, I distinctly remember two of my dreams on that mountain involving arguments I was going to have with my brother (one when I got down the mountain and the other days later). I didn't end up having the arguments by the way.

Old Friends
In my dreams on the Mountain, I also encountered some old friends. These friends were from high school and I hadn't really been in touch with them for years. This isn't a completely new experience though. Since living in Korea, I've had two such dreams about childhood friends that I haven't seen in over twenty years! Yet they popped up in my dreams, and spurred me to try to find them. I've been unsuccessful so far.

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