Sunday, April 29, 2007

Office Tools: Roll Paper

In my final post on a short series, I must introduce to you "roll paper." From the picture, it is obvious that this is what is commonly referred to as "toilet paper." In Korea, this paper is used for napkins, facial tissues (*wink Dan), and cleaning rags. The funny thing is that while this paper is used in the bathroom its often impossible to find in any public restrooms.

When I started school, two different "first days," my co-teacher brought me a tube of roll paper and plopped it on my desk when they showed me where to sit. It was as if it was the essential tool for me at school. Later, I had something like the following conversation with one my teachers:
Co-teacher: I heard that in America, they call this toilet paper.
Me: Yeah. We pretty much just use it in the bathroom.
Co-teacher: Why? That's so funny!
It's odd; toilet paper in Korea is used for some many things that Koreans can't understand why westerners use it mainly for the toilet anymore.
Up next week:
A short series about driving and parking in Korea.

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