Friday, April 27, 2007

Office Supplies: "Cutta"

In m short series on Korean office supplies, I would be negligent if I didn't mention the Korean "Cutta." This is of course Konglish for the full-term "box cutter." Only the don't use it primarily as a box-cutter. These cuttas have taken the place of scissors, paper cutters, pencil sharpeners and box cutters in most cases.

While scissors can still be found, they are seen mainly as a kitchen utensil--used to cut up huge bunches of kimchi or meat. No, in the office, people use cuttas.

Below, is the time of box cutter that I'm referring to. They are the kind with the long blade that can be broken off when it becomes too dull to use. These are used to cut strips of paper (or textbooks if the student is bored) and sharpen pencils. These tasks could of course be accomplished with a pair of scissors and a pencil sharpener respectively.

In America, I would have taken these away from the students. Not only can they cause accidental injury, but the possibility of them being used for violence is very real. A teacher here told me a story of a bully being sliced up by one of his victims by one of these knives in school.

Up next: roll paper

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