Friday, April 27, 2007

Office Supplies: Korean Files

I don't know what took me so long to get around to write this post. Even though generally the Korean office tools are the same as an American office, there are some big differences.

Since the teacher's don't have classroom to call their own (they move from room to room each class), they all have a desk in one big "teacher's office." The vice-principal sits a a desk in the center to overlook everything. Imagine the office setup from "The Office" as opposed to the cubicles in "Office Space."

The first difference between American and Korean office tools is the filing system. In America, I grew used to the hanging file system and just figured it was a world standard. Boy was I wrong. Let me first start by saying that after using the Korean system for 8 months now, I have to say it sucks.

Above is a picture from a Korean "file." These are basically binders with the clear sleeves permanently attached. Then, you slide your papers into sleeves. This is a typical sized binder. I use it to file hard-copies of my lessons or reference papers after I've finished them. The vice-principal has a massive one of these binders that's easily six inches think and must contain thousands of papers. I can't imagine how he finds anything. I have not seen a single filing cabinet in all of Korea.

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