Monday, April 09, 2007

All You Need is Love

Music is a great tool in the ESL classroom. Songs help with pronunciation, figurative language, vocabulary, and listening skills. After learning "All you Need is Love" by the Beatles, I decided to try an experiment. I cut up the lines to the into strips. Then, I gave each students a different strip. I had each student draw a picture for their line of the song.

I scanned the pictures, uploaded them to Jumpcut, added the mp3 of the song, and produced the video. There were more lines than students, so for repeated lines, I used the same picture. The overall result was quite good. This is one of my slacker classes, so I'm excited to see what my more diligent students came up with.

I'd love to get feedback on how this could be improved. Is there a better free program than jump cut to put videos like these together?


  1. What a FANTASTIC idea! what did the kids say when they saw their video? or have they yet? how long did it take you to make? i'd like to try something like this... it's really really great!

  2. They haven't seen it yet. Once I figured out how to use the site that made the video it was pretty fast.


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