Monday, October 02, 2006

Boats, trains, and automobiles

My big trip away from Geoje is coming. Here is my plan for escape:

7:00-7:30 am: Bus from Geohyeon Bus Terminal to Jeongseongpo Bus Terminal
7:30-7:45 am: cab or foot to Jeongseongpo Ship Terminal
8:00-8:45 am: The Royal Ferry from Jeongseong Po Ship Terminal to Busan Terminal
8:45-?? am: cab from Busan Ship Terminal to Busan Train Terminal
9:15-12:00pm: KTX "Bullet Train" from Busan to Seoul
12:00-??: Seoul subway to the Hostel

Not sure how connected I'll be during my time in Seoul this week. However, I'm excited to be around some Americans and to experience the world's second largest city.


  1. according to a list (by population) i found in wikipedia, seoul is only the 23rd largest city. come josh, did forget tokyo, mexico city, sao paulo, new york city etc? here is the cite. it's interesting:http:

  2. Hope you find the converter u r looking for and have fun.


  3. Sorry, by second larget city I was going by metroplitian area instead of just city limits. You can read that article here: Seoul has a relativly small area within its direct city limits.

    I did find my converter! I also got my reasonably priced peanut butter. Alas, I have yet to find a proper use of the phrase "well-being." I'm still looking...

  4. "well-being." branded green tea?
    Drink well for good being.....

    Your life will be well-being.

    Well-being for everyone. ETC..ETC...

    Ahehehe....Well-being to you my friend. Did you have a well-being trip? Is your foot well-being ?? Sock in this well-being foot bucket!!



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