Wednesday, October 04, 2006


I'm here in Seoul and loving it. I am having plenty of conversation with native speakers, am enjoying the Korean capital, and enjoying time off of work. I'm traveling with a diversity of English speakers including people from America, Canada, Scotland, Wales, and England. I loving the accents, and also being able to speak in idioms and at a normal conversation pace.

I did a dumb thing and forgot my memory card for my camera. So, I have this nice camera that can only fit 15 pictures in the internal memory. I'm picking up a card tomorrow at the market, so pics from my first couple days will be coming once I get them from the other teachers.

So far, I've experienced the extreme crowds of some of the shopping districts, visited a castle just south of Seoul, and visited the Korean Folk Village. This village is similar maybe to the historical Williamsburg, VA. Very cool. I'll be posting longer accounts along with pictures next week when I get back and settled.


  1. Looking forward to the pic's and the write up. I was recently in Seoul area for 3 days(too too short!). I would love to see some pic's of the Chonggyechon stream, area of Seoul which I didn't get to see!


  2. i am glad you are experiencing the culture of a big eastern city. i am looking forward to hearing about some of your exploits. i need to live vicariously through you...and may you never forget your redneck, missourian factory linguistic idiosyncrisies. sorry if that is to inside of a joke for those who dont know


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