Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Another hoop...

I found out today that my leaving day has been pushed up to Saturday. This isn't a huge deal because I've said most of my goodbyes and just have the packing and that last Wal-Mart run before I leave.

I also found out that the visa will not be ready by the time I arrive in Korea, so I'll be arriving on an automatic tourist visa. The catch there is that automatic tourist visas are not renewable or upgradable from within Korea. So, in order to get a work visa, I have to make a "visa run" to Japan, apply at the Korean embassy there, and then fly back.

I'm actually not that upset about the whole thing. My Japan trip will also be paid for, and since the visa process takes 24 hours, I'll have time to explore a bit of another country.

Also, I found this new service called "Private Number" from NetZero. I now have a voice-mail number for here in the states. So, if you want to get a hold of me, call 573-234-6607 and leave a message (that's a Columbia, MO by the way). I can listen to the messages through the internet. I think I'll be using Skype to make calls to the States once I get there and get established.

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