Thursday, May 22, 2008

The Restaurant Downstairs

My building has two restaurants on the first floor.  One is a spring roll place and the other specializes in 감자탕 (gamjatang).  Despite the name, which literally means "potato soup," the featured ingredient is pork backbone.  The meat is tender, and in the version I had, there was a potato in the soup.  The picture below is from the wikipedia entry on the soup.

Anyway, I was walking home the other night and noticed the place was closed much earlier than usual and that the following sign was posted on the door.  I took a picture and had my co-worker translated it.  It roughly said:

Due to personal reasons, the restaurant will be closed for a few days.  Sorry.

The next day, I took the following picture inside the front window:


I guess they had to shut down so they'd have a place to dry their clothes...

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