Friday, May 23, 2008

Avon Makeup in Geoje

So I moved closer to the center of town about a week and a half ago.  On my way to work today, I noticed a really funny picture.  It was a very large sign on a very small office for Geoje Avon.

The sign features a beautiful Caucasian--maybe Latina model.


I might suggest a motto for the Geoje franchise of Avon.  It may be too forward, but it would definitely fit with the theme of using western models to sale makeup to Asians: Buy Avon, It'll Make You Look White.

I also noticed an interesting similarity with a certain movie poster.  Pardon my lack of Photoshop skills--or in this case, Paint.NET skills.

anew-40 year old

I worked at a movie theatre when The 40 Year Old Virgin was released.  When we put the poster up, the look on Steve Carrel's face would make me laugh every time.  Geoje Avon's sign is almost as hilarious.  Thanks Korea.

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