Saturday, May 31, 2008

After Jeff's Wedding

Today, my buddy Jeff got married.  Jeff was actually the first native English speaker on Geoje that I met who was my age.  We met at a church services for English speakers, where we later shared preaching responsibilities  and had a fun time exploring the island together.

So, a bunch of people from our church here in Geoje loaded up on the ferry from Jangseunpo and headed to Busan.  The service was great--I hope to have video and pictures from that up soon.  We also had a great time afterwards at the banquet and around Busan.

Here are some highlights:


Above is a deep-fried banana with honey mustard sauce from the banquet.  It could have lost the honey mustard sauce.


Above, Alden really enjoyed the chocolate fountain that we discovered as we were leaving the banquet.  It looks like she ate the Easter bunny.


This was the picture of the week!  This lady was pushing this stroller with their dog in it, while the boy walked along side.  For the picture, the boy posed behind the dog.


Above, this store, Chris & Christy is advancing this silly trend of couples wearing matching clothes.  As you can see, all of their clothes are made in matching men's sizes and women's sizes.  Below is an example.


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