Tuesday, April 01, 2008

My broken things...

Two and half weeks ago, with the release of Vista's first service pack, my computer crashed. I'm not a Vista hater like many, but it broke my machine. It went into this endless boot-reboot cycle. Below is a picture of me using my computer using the software I paid for. I'm using the Brikdows Vista operating system. It has the computing power of a brick combined with all the newness and cool 3d effects of Windows Vista.

Yesterday, I wrote about the hazardous, melting hot light fixture incident. Today, 36 hours after it was first reported to her, she decided to come by with her husband and check it out. It probably would have been better if they had come during the day so they could actually have seen things, but you know Koreans.

Her husband stood on my toilet seat, light bulb in hand. I shook my head. This problem was not caused by lack of light bulb--if anything, it was caused by too much light bulb. Here's a picture of when he slipped and his foot fell in the toilet bowel--good thing I flushed before he came over!
She then explained all about what they were going to do to fix the problem. Something like, "
당신은 웰빙 변기를합니다." and "나는 당신을 죽이고 싶어합니다."

Oh well. Who knows what's going to happen? In the meantime, even the simplest tasks are an adventure in my dark bathroom. Below is a picture I took tonight of me trying to wash my hands. Water is getting everywhere!

Hopefully, my things get fixed soon.

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