Sunday, April 27, 2008

Get out of my way!

Sometimes in Korea, there are just those days where everything gets to me.  This was one of those days.  Following are some one-sided conversation I had in my head with people I met today on my way to and at Home Plus.

  • To some teen boys I passed on the sidewalk (I actually said this one aloud):  Really?  Did you really just throw your juice boxes on the ground and walk away?  Really?  How old are you?  When Koreans call "China peopore" dirty, doesn't that really just mean dirtier than you are?
  • To the lady who ran over my foot with her shopping cart in the produce section:  Really?  Did you really need to run over my foot to get to the green onions?  I think they would have been there after I had moved my foot.
  • To the nervous looking employee who was pacing back and forth near the paper goods aisle and ran into me:  Really lady?  Is your pacing around, not helping people so important that you had to run into me?  Sorry I got in your way.
  • To the guy who was breathing over my shoulder while I was in line at the CGV movie theater box office:  hey guy, if I can smell your breath when you're standing behind me, you're standing too close.
  • To the lady at the box office who shoved her arm and money in front of me as I was ordering my ticket:  Lady, the place is not very busy and the next movie doesn't start for twenty minutes.  Wait your turn and you'll still have plenty of to go buy your roasted peanut butter squid.

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