Tuesday, September 26, 2006

"Put on your Sunday best kids, we're going to Home Plus!"

Home Plus, one of the megastore chains in Korea, opened their new store about a mile from where I live. I was very excited about this store opening. The opening brings the possibility of me getting those things are my wish list. I thought about writing a Rosie O'Donnell style poem, but thought better. All of their banners said they'd open today, the 26th, but when I scoped it out last night, there were still workers putting up marble panels, wiring lights. In addition to the workers still working, the entire ground floor was completely bare, with no finished floor. When I arrived today, I realized that the lobby will be rented out to other smaller stores--that is when the building is finished.

The building is about six stories tall, however, the actual store is completely below ground. Most of the upper levels are for a huge parking garage. The lowest level is the discount floor. It's as big as a Wal-mart Supercenter. The employees wear "Home Plus" vests over their street clothes--much like American discount stores. On this bottom level, the alarm clock lady--yes that was the only thing she was doing--helped me pick my alarm clock.

The next level up, just below the ground, is the nice department store area. This is the level where they sell the nice clothes, furniture, electronics, etc. The employees are all dressed very nice. Today, crowds of people were on the discount level, while employees easily outnumbered customers on the department store level. There, I tried in vain to find an electrical adapter. I also found out that the movie theater that is in this huge complex won't open until the 28th; I'm keeping my fingers crossed for an American movie or two.

So, I found this "peanut spread." It was only $1.50. It is nothing like peanut butter and that's all I'm going to say.


  1. Goodluck! Finding that adaptor.
    I think that you may bave better luck having someone send you one from the states.

  2. I actually one packed in a box in the states. I didn't bring it because I was told that the extra weight wasn't worth it and that they could easily be bought from any hardware store.

    Yeah right.

  3. Hello again.

    As you found out that is not the case [unless you happens to be in major city like busan/seoul area where there are electronic stores glore every street conor you turned). I was in Korea recently and In Seoul, there is a huge market that sells nothing but computer/electronic/DVD and such. So you can find one in about 10 minutes of looking!!! Alas , you are not there and are having a hard time finding a good priced broom!! Cheer up mate! You'll manage. Just use a old rag and wipe the floor til you find what you need for a good price. (That's what I did at the houst I stayed at. (no-one lived there for a while, so I had to clean up!!:-)


  4. Hi Joshua! I love reading your "culture shock" posts. We will be in Geoje soon. It looks like January. My husband will be at the Deawoo shipyard and we will live in the row houses near the foreigners club. I'd be more than happy to bring a few things with me that you may need or miss. Feel free to contact me via email.


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