Friday, December 14, 2007

Blog Refresh

My project tonight was to fix my blog.  That was, of course, after I saw I am Legend at the movie theatre.  I hadn't changed the template since March or so.  There were some problems with it in non-Firefox browsers and it took a long time to load.

So, I cut out some of the bloat and found a good template at Blogcrowds.  That's where I had found my last template.  The former template (K2 for Blogger) was good, but I didn't like the lack of a margin between the side column and the main one.  Because of my lack of CSS knowledge, I had to deal with it.

The new template is based on Misty Look that was originally designed for Word Press.  Blogcrowds ported it to Blogger, and I changed the header picture.

I hope the new template will allow me to change the header picture fairly regularly (I might start doing a fancy monthly or bi-monthly header based on a picture I take from around the island.)

I have a renewed excitement about the blog now.  I hope you enjoy the new design.

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