Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Paris Baguette: Another Fake Brand

This is another very prominent "fake brand." Paris Baguette is a bakery chain with such a name couldn't possibly be actually French. But I decided to investigate.

Their US website sure is telling. First, the style of the site is in classic Korean web design--quirky English grammar and all. They even had a page devoted to explaining their logo and brand.

Second, the company has a history page where all the events occurred in Korea. Many fake brand shops have plaques in their stores that tell the history of the company--most of these are all in English. These are a fad among businesses and a mark of a good fake brand here in Korea.

I found this statement on a location page (at the bottom):
Paris Baguette is making a new step toward expanding in America. Our goal is to introduce our top quality bread, pastries and cakes throughout the United States. Come and enjoy the excellent taste of Paris Baguette which is leading the world in the bakery industry.
Really? Some Korean bakery chain is "leading the world in the bakery industry?" I'm pretty sure that's not true.

One thing that sets this fake brand apart from the other Korean fake brands, its very upfront about their brand. I wonder though if they really believe what they write about their brand:
The Paris Baguette image is as fresh as its bread. It moves customers silently and deeply.
Have you been silently and deeply moved by Paris Baguette's brand? I don't know about you, but I think I felt a tingle.

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