Monday, July 09, 2007

Get your English book fix in Korea

When I first came to Korea, I was a little stuck in the way of books. I was riding the bus for about four hours each week and had nothing to do during those rides. I ordered a couple books via Amazon, but since there's no local site, the books ship from America and shipping alone can cost $25!

Enter What the Book. What the Book is an English bookstore based in Seoul. They ship books all over Korea, for FREE! And before you ask, I am not getting paid for this post (although if they wanted to slip some store credit into my account I would not object).

When I'm in Seoul, I swing by and pick up some English magazines. Then, the rest of the time, I order through their website. The books they have in-store ship in 2 days, and ones they have stored in America arrive in about 10 business days--not bad.

So, if you are in Korea, and need something to read, I strongly recommend What the Book.


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