Monday, July 02, 2007

Driving in Geoje: The Windy Road

As a whole, Korea is a country of mountains and Geoje is no exception. That means that the roads are going to be curvy. I found this video on YouTube that a guy made by strapping a video camera to the front of his motorcycle and went driving. For those of you on Geoje, I think this is between Jisepo and Jangseungpo, but I may be wrong.

Anyway, about 2 minutes in, the motorcycle gets behind an SUV. Watch the SUV. The driver frequently goes into the other lane of traffic. Several times he's completely in the other lane. The roads are windy, but not that windy. There is absolutely nothing about the speed or curves that necessitate going into the other lanes.

This is a prime example of the "lazy" driving that is often seen in Korea. Watch how the driver barely reacts when he's in the other lane and two other cars are coming.

2:15, the SUV comes into shot, and then about 2:55 he comes close to another car while in the wrong lane.

Video from "Beemer54" @ youtube

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  1. Interesting, because I will soon be leaving for Goeje. I will stay there for a period of 1 year or so.
    The roads looked familiar, as did the way thay entered the curves. In Norway we do it the same way, if possible. As 4 or 6 lane motorways hardly exists. Cutting the curve makes it possible to drive more efficient. The only thing I noticed that seemed strange was that the person in the SUV hit the brakes in the middle of every curve. In Norway, we usually brakes before entering the curve and than accelerate out of it.


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