Tuesday, June 26, 2007

I'm going home...

Cue that power ballad by Daughtry. I'm going home--even if it is for just a few weeks. I finally got a concrete answer about when I can leave the country. While I was contracted to stay until August 31st, I thought they might let me leave early since that week before is the first week of a new semester. Since I'm not working for the public schools anymore, they aren't going to have classes in the schedule for me to teach, so there's no reason for me to be around right? Wrong! I will sit there in the office, waiting for the fan to blow my way, and wait out that last week of my contract.

Oh well. I will be leaving though on September 2nd I booked my flight today (taking the Pusan--Tokyo--US route thanks to Northwest Airlines). When I came to Korea, I went Kansas City-->Atlanta (about five hundred miles in the wrong direction)-->Seoul (overshooting my destination by two hundred miles)--Pusan (the nearest major city to me.

Now, I'll go Pusan-->Tokyo-->San Francisco-->Kansas City-->Joplin. That's more stops, but its a somewhat straight line. I'll spend less time traveling, and will arrive right into the little local airport where my mom and grandma live.

I last flew Northwest when I went to Serbia. I'm looking forward to trying out their Customer First policy. Anyway, its good to have a date. So, I'll leave Korea a year and a week after I arrived, stay a few weeks in the states, and return to Korea for a new contract. I'll looking forward to it.

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