Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Culture Shock: Heater

The daily temperature has been in the mid-60s Fahrenheit. It's quite nice. I'm really enjoying the early spring. The weather outside is great, and in my apartment, I can keep it a nice temperature.

I haven't used the heater for over a month. Once reason I haven't used the heater recently is that fact that the the lowest setting on my heater, is 50 C--thats 112 F! So, if it is even reasonably nice out, the heater is off. I had it off even back in the winter I would often bundle up in extra socks, slippers, and blankets to keep from turning on my oppressive heater.

Then, there's school. The classrooms often have their lights off during the day to save energy. I often hear talking about tight budgets, etc. Then, they run their stupid heaters all the time. I'm sitting in this room, its a nice spring day--65 F today and they have their heaters on. I have to keep my jacket off, and roll up my sleeves to keep from sweating. And if that wasn't enough, some people bring small space heaters in addition to the room heaters.

I'd be tempted to bring a desk fan if it wasn't for that fact it'd just be blowing hot air at me.


  1. We have almost the same problem at work. It's all shrinking budgets, cutting costs, trimming positions, yet the air conditioner runs all. the. time. Even when it's cool outside. It's not uncommon to see colleagues in hooded sweatshirts ... in the summer.

  2. I vote you bring a desk fan and wear short sleeves. Better than nothing.

  3. not to mention they have the windows OPEN at the SAME time!!!

  4. Yes, forgot to mention the open window. Yes, always an open window--even with the aircon (little Konglish for ya) or heater on.


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