Saturday, November 25, 2006

Thanksgiving Abroad

So, I've partially recovered from what I believe to be poisoning from some bad shellfish. Anyway, I stayed in bed all day Friday, got a full nights sleep Friday night, and was ready for my turkey on Saturday--well kinda.

So I still felt kinda cruddy, but I hadn't eaten any real food for almost two days and I was ready for some Thanksgiving fare. I took the bus for the 2 1/2 hour trip to Changwan and met up at a the very nice apartment of another English teacher. Its amazing that we all game over on the same day, are doing roughly the same jobs, but our apartments are so different. Her kitchen/dinning room was about the size of my whole apartment. In addition, she had an office, a bedroom, and a loft. I have to admit I was a bit jealous.

When I arrived, I found the trained chef in our group working on some side dishes, and another American expatriot fussing over the Turkey, which was being prepared in a convection oven--a little larger than a microwave.

Unfortunately, as time for the meal approached, I felt less well. When it came time to plate up, I only could stomach a tiny dallop of mashed potatoes, a small piece of turkey, a bit of cranberry sauce, and a roll. I think it was the first time in memory that I could see the bottom of the plate, much less have more plate showing than food.

Despite the fact that I didn't feel "stuffed" (the sensations from my innards couldn't really be described wit the word) I did enjoy the day. I was gathered around some of my English community here in Korea, met a new friend, and got off the island! Then, to my horror, I got back to the bus terminal where I had arrived only to find there were no buses back! My friend who has already been her for a year, took me to his nearby city and the bus terminal there. I was lucky to catch the last bus back to Geoje.

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