Saturday, November 25, 2006


All through last week, I've had students tell me what they are thankful for--but was able to avoid the question myself. Now, I know:

I'm thankful for my health (even when I'm sick).
I'm thankful for my family (even when we are not on good terms)
I'm thankful for my friends (even when we are thousands of miles away)
I'm thankful for my salvation (even when I feel lost)


  1. Hey Joshua,

    It's great to see another Christian blogging about their life in Korea. I'm in Vietnam, and am planning to come back to Korea to teach again. (This time with my wife) It would be great to meet up with you sometime once we get there.

  2. Nathan,

    Your profile is set to private so I can't message you directly. Send me an e-mail at joshuainkorea(at)


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