Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Anarldo Bassini tea pot: I hate you.

In my first week in my apartment I was faced with the following situation: an iffy tap water supply and no way to boil it--depending on who you ask it is/isn't okay to drink the water. When I ask about the tap water, I often receive doublespeak such as, "The water is safe to drink, but I wouldn't recommend it" or "You aren't drinking the water area you!? I recommend barley tea."

I went to the neighborhood mom and pop electronics store--literally. Behind the storefront is a kitchen and small living room since these people spend most of their time at the store. Anyway I bought the mid-priced water boiler. It looked good. Big mistake.

The Anarldo Bassini tea pot looked like it was a sleek modern device. What was I thinking? What do the Italians need a tea pot for? Why should I trust an Italian name making tea pots?

This tea pot burns me. Steam seeps out of its handle, the lid is fussy and sometimes opens all the way suddenly and splashes water everywhere. I can't count the number of times that I have been scalded by this thing. If I wasn't as cheap as I am, I might go and get a new one.

Anarldo Bassini Tea Pot: I hate you.


  1. dude you gotta add me to your section "blogs i read." i wanna feels special.

  2. This (review of products) is great idea. Could you also include some of more common products such as napkins/fans/etc that they give away at the stores and stuff. You can find these in JP and Kor only, I think.


  3. I'll bet your Italian teapot was made in Taiwan. Or Korea.

  4. Don't drink the water!!! Unless you can boil it. One method would be a cheap coffee maker-just omit the coffee. Else, get bottled water. Seoul's water comes from the Han = you don't want to drink it, really.


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