Monday, September 25, 2006

My List of Things that I Know Probably Exist in Korea but Have so far Eluded Me.

1. Peanut butter that costs less than $10 for a small jar
2. A 220v-110v power converter (so I can charge my beard trimmer and play my Game Cube)
3. American movies on the big screen
4. A sign or slogan that properly uses the phrase "well-being." The best I can explain is that the phrase is used as an adjective instead of a noun. This is an example of what is wrong:

5. Another American on Geoje--or at least a native English speaker

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  1. You are looking for a 220->110 volt "Step down" adapter and cable. Go to any game store or electronics shop and ask for one. Perhaps bringing the American plug might help.

    Any electronics store that sells razors probably has them too, bring they razor and look around to see. Some razors actually take multiple voltages. Check that too.

    American movies on the big screen? They play all the time, but mostly blockbuster stuff or the stuff that wouldn't see in the States and needs to recoup money in a hurry before the word is out. Oscar season is pretty good for actual decent American flicks in Korea.

    Besides, DVDs are cheap and easy to rent.


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