Monday, September 25, 2006

Culture Shock: Towels

The standard size of a bath towel in Korea is about 21" by 14." So, even if a person is in great shape, there really is no hope of ever having one of these things wrapped around themselves. I experienced this at both of the hotels I stayed at before moving into my apartment.

When I got my apartment, I went towel shopping the very next day (beats drying off with t-shirts). I found a towel store just three blocks from my house. It is wall-to-wall, floor-to-ceiling towels. That is the only things they sale. So, I thought, surely here they will have big towels. No. No they don't. They have designer knock-off towels, floral towels, but absolutely no regular bath towels. I am convinced that they exist and it is on my List of Things that I know Probably Exist in Korea but Have so far Eluded Me.

Coming up tomorrow: "Culture Shock: The Shoes"

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  1. Emart? Carrefour? Lotte? Any of the big stores have a FEW. Alternatively, go to a jim-jill-bang (Like a sauna place with different temperature rooms) with a Korean friend and see if they have any take home towels.


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