Friday, September 15, 2006

Culture Shock: Pizza

So my first encounter with pizza in Korea was interesting. I walked up to Domino's and placed my order. I knew that pizza in Korea came with these little plastic packages of sweet pickles slices. As I waited for my pizza, I saw a guy come in just so that he could buy a couple of those little pickle servings. They are just those sweet pickles we have in America--nothing special.

Then, I noticed the interesting design on the pizza posters. This was previously noted in a blog called "A Geek in Korea." I don't know what a Star of David is doing drawn in sauce on pizza's in Korea. Maybe, as in the case with the use of the swastika on Buddhist temples here, it doesn't register as a western symbol.

I ordered a "Deluxe" pizza, which looked as close to a supreme as I was going to get. However, by mistake they made me a "Swedish Fondue" pizza. I'm not sure what makes this pizza Swedish at all. It was okay, but I miss my Domino's back home where i could get a little personal peperoni pizza for $3.75--and it wasn't served with pickles.

I've had pizza in Chicago; St. Louis; Columbia, MO (home of Shakespeare's); Rome; Venice; Ukraine; Serbia; and now, Korea. Hands down America does it best.

Judgement: "I miss America."

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