Sunday, August 27, 2006

Sights in the air...

Okay so I found a wi-fi hotspot in the Atlanta airport. I wanted to share a few things that have made me laugh already. First, I was *treated* to an in-air snack on my KC-ATL flight. It consisted of a little cup of juice and biscuit called a "Biscoff." It tasted like something between a vanilla wafer and an animal cracker. Nothing special, right? Well, I turned the wrapper over and not only were there instructions on how to order these biscuits for yourself, but also an offer for sky miles! Delta must really think their snack biscuits are something special.

The other thing: when I was doing some research about Korean Airlines, I came across some pictures of their stewardesses on their website. They look like normal stewardesses--once you get past their funky scarf-neck things. Anyway, I forgot all about it. Then, about five minutes ago, I saw a stewardess in person--and those things are real. And those scarves are every bit as stiff and they look in the picture.

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  1. The stewardesses on South African Airways have funky scarves too, though theirs don't look like you could accidentally poke your eye out.


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