Friday, October 10, 2008

A Week of Goodbyes: Thursday

Today I began my week of goodbyes with my last Thursday at school.  (My final "last" day is October 15th).

Tuesdays and Thursdays at my school are more laid back.  On these days, we have elective courses with smaller classes and, for the most part, more motivated students.  I teach three grammar classes and a kindergarten class.  One of my grammar classes is made up of 11-13 year olds.  They are good enough at English that they I can joke with them and them with me.

For example, they asked me if a new teacher would come when I left.  I told them that the school was looking at a Canadian teacher.  One girl said, "Canadians are kind."

Then I said, "Yeah, but watch out if you accidently call them Ameicans."

Then we joked about how I had my head bitten off on a few separate occasions here by accidentally referring to a Canadian as an American.  So, if there is a new Canadian teacher, and you read this, sorry if they do it just to get under your skin.  Its mostly my fault.

Then, I went to a movie at the newly re-opened CGV and then to Homeplus for the last time.  I can honestly say I will not miss Homeplus one bit.  First, I never got used to the "greeter" who greets you loudly using a microphone/speaker setup!  I don't want it to be announced that I'm coming in.  A simple welcome would be nicer.  Then, a couple things I was looking for were out of stock.  This lady started pushing me in the line.  Finally, right when I got checked out, another customer stole my shopping cart (I put in a 100 won deposit).

While I won't miss the shopping experience at Korean megastores, I will definitly miss my students.

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