Tuesday, September 02, 2008

10 Favorite Pictures

   A fellow American ex-pat teacher is compiling some pictures and video to make a video sideshow to show to his friend and family back home to give them a better idea of life in Korea.

Here are my contributions:

1.  “Windy Rock” at Hageumgang, Geoje

This moment is when I fell in love with Geoje.  This grass covered rock juts out into the seat.  Its really breathtaking.


2.  This was taken along the south edge of Geoje’s coast.  There are evergreen trees, and the water is great for swimming.  


3.  After visiting Bali, I came to realize that in the spring and summer, Geoje can be just as green as Bali.  This is what I call the “wave mountain.”


4.  This was the site that greeted me my first day back in Korea after a visit home.  My new neighbors were drying some fish on the clothesline right next to their underwear.  Amazing.


5.  This shows something I’ve always thought interesting about Korea.  This is a small kimbap restaurant.  We have countless restaurants in America called “Granny’s” or the such.  They often have stylized logos of grandmas for their logos.  This restaurant uses a morbidly serious picture of a woman as there’s.


6.  Game across this lady with her mom and her son and their dog.  They were pushing a stroller and who was in it?  The four year old son?  Nope, their spoiled toy dog.


7.  This was taken right outside of Gyeongbukgong, the main palace in Seoul in February 2008.  Several interesting things.  First, there’s a mound of sweet potatos sicks in the center.  Then, a woman with a “baby bump” under her coat.  Her baby is strapped to her back and she’s wearing the coat over them both.  Behind me (out of the picuture) there was a cigarette-smoking man selling cotton candy from his motorcycle.  I love Korea.


8.  Below is a scene from the Hollywood Westren (sic) Bar in Gohyeon, Geoje.  This place is pretty cheesy and I love it.  Of course, what says “western” better than a mini Uncle Sam sticking out of a ice cooler filled with flavored malt beverages.


9.  This is one of the cutest girls in kindergarten.  She’s 4 in this picture, and having an exhausting day practicing her ABCs.


10.  This is the Samgyapsal God.  He watches over those who want to grill meat from his brothers over an open flame and drink soju.  His eyes glow and night.  I’m pretty sure there’s a factory that makes these somewhere because I’ve seen them outside a few places.


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