Saturday, March 08, 2008


At long last, a single solution has been devised for several major problems that come up on the sidewalks of Korea.  This innovative new product is a coffee vending machine/pay phone combination.  I propose the name "Call and Coffee."


Consider the following scenarios where this combination is perfect.

1.  How many times have you been sent to the neighborhood coffee vending machine only to forget what your friend wanted and you don't have your cell phone?  Problem solved.

2.  You are at a random sidewalk coffee vending machine and the machine eats your quarters and you need to contact someone to get your money back.  Sure will still need some extra change to make the call, but its better than before.  Problem solved.

3.  You buy a coffee and realize you don't want to carry around the extra change, and you don't want to toss it on the ground or give it to a dirty beggar.  Put your extra change into the payphone and call someone.  Problem solved.

4.  You buy a coffee and realize you are really lonely and need to talk to someone while you drink.  Problem solved.

5.  You go to make a call on the payphone, and get thirsty during the conversation.  The nearest kiosk is several feet away.  Plop your change into the vending machine portion of the machine.  Problem solved.

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