Monday, January 21, 2008

Pineapple Emergency

So I was waiting in the checkout line at Sowon Top Family Mart when I see this guy pull up on a motor scooter, run in the store, shove his way through these two ladies and back to the produce section.  I turned back to line, patiently waiting for my turn.

The next thing I know, there's a hand on my shoulder pulling me back.  I turn to find the spiky green top of a pineapple moving by my face.  The same guy in the big hurry is butting in front of me in line.  While in Korea, I've learned to push back, but this time, I decided to stand back and watch the scene unfold.

The guy was frustrated that the clerk was taking so long.  He let out an "ah-ee-sh!"  He ripped the plastic wrapper off the pineapple that included the price barcode.  He pulled 5,000 won (~$5) from his pocket and threw the wrapper and the money on the conveyor belt.  Before the clerk even had a chance to look up, the guy bolted out the door and hopped on his moped.

He drove off holding the pineapple in his arms like a baby.

The clerk sighed and shook her head when she saw the wad of money and the wrapper.  The barcode rang up as W5,000 exactly.

She looked up to me.  I fought back laughter as I put my things down in front of her, shrugged my shoulders, and said, "I guess he really needed that pineapple."

She cocked her head in confusion and asked if I needed a bag for my groceries.

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