Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Geyonebukgung in 4,000 images

Through Webware, I stumbled upon a new Microsoft product-in-design called Photosynth. It takes hundreds or thousands of pictures of a place from different angles and mashes them together into a 3D environment.

One of their test collections is of Korea's very own Gyeongbuk Palace. According to the site, they partnered with MSN Korea, and had users submit over 4,000 pictures they used to construct the 3D model. The palace is is a great glimpse into the past of Korea. I've visited three times myself, and have enjoyed "stepping into the past" each time I've gone.So, even if you are not in Korea, you can get a good feel for the palace grounds--probably the next best thing to being there.

To view the 3D version of Gyeongbukgong, click here: http://tinyurl.com/y8dh63. You will have to install a pretty hefty plug-in, but its well worth it. Once the default collection has loaded (San Marco Square in Venice), select "More Collections" on the left menu. Then, select "Gyeongbukgong" from the bottom of the list.


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