Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Japan Day 4: Me vs. Fujisan

When planning the trip to Japan, my mom brought up a possible climbing of Mt. Fuji pretty early on. I had no idea what I was getting in for. I am out of shape, was ill-prepared, and ill-equipped, but today, I conquered Mt. Fuji. We went up at 11pm, planning on getting to the top to see the sunrise. Fourteen hours later, I finally arrived back at the base station. I came down many pounds heavier because the last three hours were through rain. I was soaking wet in my jeans, shoes, socks, shirt, and fleece sweatshirt.

I have planned out a week-long series on Mt. Fuji that I will begin posting next week. For now, the day-to-day postings about the trip.

My planned titles for the series:

  • Station 5, the beginning

  • The Outposts

  • Strange Pilgrims

  • The Visions

  • The Summit

  • Persistance of Life

  • The Descent

For now, enjoy a brief slideshow of some of my Mt Fuji pictures.


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