Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Go, and hope for the best

This is my third blog is a series about driving and parking in Korea.

Here is the philosophy the covers everything in Korean driving: go, and hope for the best. In America, we might say, "be a defense driver" or "be alert."

For example, look at this scene:

The driver of that white car is just backing up. Its hard to see because of the reflection, but I took the picture because the driver wasn't turned around to look out his rear mirror--he was blindly backing up into a street!

Around my apartment are these narrow alley-streets with no road signs. Most of the buildings are right up against the intersection creating countless blind corners. Still, drivers go at full-speed through these intersection. Through my window, I often hear the screech of tires and blaring horns of drivers who nearly hit each other because neither technically has the right of way and neither was looking for other cars. I'm dreading the day when the sound of screeching tires is accompanied by the crunch of metal.

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