Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Four lanes become two

Part Two in a series Driving and Parking in Korea:

This post has to do with both driving and parking. Last time, I looked at the problem of double-parking (so bad that people permanently display their mobile number so they can be called to move their car be necessary). Another parking problem is people parking in the middle of a traffic lane. See the below

That white car on the left is parked in that lane of traffic. And that may look like a person in the driver's seat, but here they have these "clever" seat covers that look like people. I have been freaked out more than once walking by a parked car at night, thinking someone is watching me, only to realize is one of these novelty seat covers.

You can easily see that the line of illegally parked cars go on and on. The situation is so common, that people pretty much just drive in the center two lanes. This is the major north-south artery through Gohyeon, and its slowed to two lanes because of the parking situation.

With parking being as scarce as it is, it may be necessary to have parking on the side of the street. But since there's room, they should make it official and make the parking diagonal. They would be able to fit many more cars in the spots than through parallel parking. Might as well right? They don't seem to be using those lanes for actually driving.

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